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My favorite sights in Rajasthan

We spent a total of 30 days in India, which is the maximum for someone who obtained a visa on arrival. (thank you, Singapore passport!)

We started off in Delhi, Agra and Kerala (see Catherine’s earlier post) and then flew back up to Rajasthan for a grand tour of the great cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Udaipur. We highly recommend using the website Travelyze to get cheap flights in India.


This was then capped up with a relaxing week in Goa with lots of meditation, yoga and vegetarian food – the best I’ve ever had!

1. Jantar Mantar

Since Astronomy 101 at Penn, I’ve developed a soft spot for stars and constellations. The Jantar Mantar observatory in Jaipur was right up my alley – basically what you get when you give an astro-fanatic a lot of money and power. He commissioned a number of ingenious contraptions to view the stars and tell time; all on prime land in the city, right next to his magnificent palace


2. Amber Fort

This fort near Jaipur is located on a hill. We got up there via elephant, which was actually quite fun even though it felt cheesy at times. The folks here were very commercially minded. The elephant ‘driver’ demanded tips, and budding photographers took our photos on the way up (even though we said no and looked away). These photographers were very persistent, following us all the way to the fort entrance and even waiting for us two hours later when we came out of the fort!

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